Wolves are Back

For over a century, wolves were persecuted in the United States and nearly became extinct. Gradually reintroduced, they are thriving again in the West, much to the benefit of the ecosystem.


Jean Craighead George explains the reasons wolves were eliminated from Yellowstone National Park and why they were brought back. Realistic illustrations were done by artist Wendell Minor.


Here are some bits of information our fourth grade students found out about wolves and Yellowstone National Park.

13 thoughts on “Wolves are Back

  1. There are coyotes in Yellowstone, in fact, there are coyotes in almost every state.

    By Oliviah and Taylor

    Source: Hinshaw, D. (2008). When the Wolves Returned.

  2. Jean Craighead George has written seven books about wolves, so she probably likes them,

    By Brook and Rheylan

    George, J. (2009). The Moon of the Gray Wolves.

  3. Wolves and coyotes do no get along; wolves hunt and kill coyotes.

    By Minsoss.

    Source: George, J. (2009). The Wolves are Back.

  4. People don’t like wolves because they don’t know much about them.

    By Alex and Josh

    Source: Simon, S. (1993). Wolves.

  5. If you are wondering how the illustrator got such good pictures in the book, it is because he spent time with Ms. George in Yellowstone before painting the lush, accurate, pictures.

    By Abby & Kasey

    Source: “A Wolf Story” (2008) http: simplyscience.wordpress.com

  6. A group of pups is called a litter. The number of babies in a litter is 5-14!

    By Emilee and Mikey

    Source: Wexo, S. (2003). Zoobooks: Wolves:

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